Mouth Of The Riviere Saint Pierre (Verdun)

This is where it meets the Saint Lawrence on it’s way down from Cote Saint Luc through Turcot and across Cote Saint Paul and Verdun. Well, at least it did once upon a time.

That is the Champlain Bridge system and the mouth is just around the bend.

This is about the best view you can get without being in a boat.

Now in this “creek” I noticed these strange circles that just keep coming up like bubbles. Anyone know what causes this?

And here is the view looking up river from there. Left is Nun’s Island, right is Verdun, and I won’t make any condos on the riverfront comments:P

3 responses to “Mouth Of The Riviere Saint Pierre (Verdun)

  1. It could be some natural phenomenon, or industrial waste. In Chicago, there was a creek by a meat packing district which bubbled as waste from the slaughtering process dumped in the creek decomposed.

  2. Fascinating! I thought Riviere St Pierre was all in sewers below Cote St. Paul!

    Is there any truth to the rumour, ( like the 2 steam locomotives submurged in turcot yard ) that two spans of the 1859 Victoria Tubular Bridge were moved to Cote St Paul area? to be used as conduits for R St Pierre when Victoria Bridge was rebuilt?

    Thank You!

    We walked from the top end of the R St Pierre from Blue Bonnets and the CPR Hump at Hampstead through Cote St Luc, Mtl West at Wentworth Golf Course and CPR Sortin Yards down to Northern Electric Cable Plant at then-2/17 and into Turcot back in the 1950s.

    There used to be a concrete ‘tunnel’ under the CPR at Sortin one could walk thru next to the parking lot.

    Just to the West of the Golf Course Club House on the CPR Main Track from Montreal West to Ballantyne and Dorval are two steam locomotive tender hulks once used for storage for water to irrigate the golf course.

    They were moved there in 1958.

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