Reclaim The Streets – Tonight!

Callout/Invitation for RECLAIM THE STREETS Masquerade – Cazelais
In response to the threatened evictions of the proposed Turcot highway
reconstruction project, let’s take back the streets for the night and
reclaim the space for people instead of cars. Come join us in a
festive masquerade street party – the road will be made a car-free
space where there’ll be bands and music, free food, film screenings,
participative art, workshops, kids activities, a freebox and perhaps
some surprises as well! We also hope to have speakers from other
anti-highway and anti-displacement mobilizations (highway 30 in
Kanawake, Griffintown, and Notre-Dame). Come on by and show your
FRIDAY, September 26th, 2008
6:30 p.m. onwards into the evening
On Cazelais street in St. Henri
Metro: Place St. Henri
On top of it being an awesome street party, we hope this will be an
open forum for discussion of alternatives as part of a growing
mobilization against the currently proposed Turcot plan and its
associated destructive social and environmental impacts – the
potential of mass evictions of low-cost housing in a quickly
gentrifying neighbourhood, the planting of a new superhighway in the
middle of a city, and all the impacts of car-culture that come with
More info on the Turcot project and the RTS Cazelais mobilization:
The Turcot project is the Ministry of Transport’s plan to replace the
current Turcot interchange by building a new super-highway parallel to
the existing one – a project slated to cost over 1.5 billion dollars
and that could potentially take the next seven years to complete. As
mentioned above, the project is likely to lead to the evictions and
mass displacement of several hundred people in a low-income community,
some of whom have been living there for decades and will never be able
to find similar rents again. The project will also create a
construction site in the face of all the residents left behind,
effectively shattering the neighborhood, all for the sake of promoting
a deadly car culture and maintaining business-as-usual. We believe
this must be stopped! Finally, there has been virtually no
consultation of the people that will be directly affected by the
reconstruction project.
The open Reclaim the Streets, Cazelais mobilization has been called
for by the collective Cazelais Libre – an anti-capitalist,
anti-highway group, which also tries to build links between this and
other struggles. For more information, contact us at:
For more information on the general anti-Turcot mobilization of
community groups, see
For a map to find out, where is Cazelais street (hint : in Henri):

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