Elmhurst Dairy Cow Heads

Another Montreal icon on the endangered species list is the Elmhurst Dairy Cow Heads. Well known for decades the cow heads were removed a few years ago as Parmalat, which took over from Elmhurst, is slowly building new facilities.

This story starts with the discovery by an urban explorer that the cow heads could be found inside the old Salvation Army Eventide building adjacent to the old dairy and now owned by Parmalat. Partially demolished the building is easily accessed and there was growing concern that the cow heads were vulnerable to thieves and or vandals.

The Gazette published this article along with a picture of the cow heads in their original place by Gordon Beck.

Photo: The Gazette, Gordon Beck

Here are some images from Eventide taken by an anonymous urban explorer.

You can see that some vandalism has already taken place.

*I’m ready for my close up, Mr De Mille*


A shot from Toaster.

And here is the shot that started this whole “investigation” from another anonymous donor.

I hear on the ‘ol grapevine that Parmalat has said they would like to restore the cow heads to their building when renovations are completed. Also I hear that both Concordia and Montreal West have offered safe storage space for the cow heads until then. So it seems we have a potential happy ending here. Stay tuned.

And there is this site by Matt Soars, whose enthusiasm is downplayed for some reason in that Gazette article, about classic signs in Montreal.

10 responses to “Elmhurst Dairy Cow Heads

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  3. My mother worked at the Elmhurst Dairy sometime in the mid Thirties – she was Bernice Robinson. She was born and raised in Lachine and married
    Arthur Seville, my Dad, in about 1941.

  4. I realize I’m going back to ancient history here, 2008, but thanks to your Like on my own latest post (& thank you), I’ve just discovered your blog. I spent my early years in Montreal, NDG & Montreal West (also Dorval Island), I remember Elmhurst Dairies. Was there a happy ending for this story? Have the cow heads been saved, restored, displayed? I hope so.

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