Piece Of Turcot Falls Down

From CJAD.

Wed, 2008-09-10 12:59.
Tim Parent

Transport Quebec says the dislodging of a 3-foot-long piece of concrete, that fell from the Turcot Interchange Tuesday afternoon, will have no last effect on the structure itself.

Down below, however, that’s a different story.

Under the interchange, next to the Centre Gadbois just of St. Jacques in the Sud-Ouest borough, small pieces of jagged concrete and dust huddle around the base of a lampost, its light fixture sheared right off by a piece of falling concrete.

Transport Quebec says the concrete was only cosmetic, meant to cover and protect the rebar from the elements.

At street level, however, it’s best to keep your head up.

Transport Quebec spokesperson Mario St. Pierre says work crews are going around searching for loose or crumbling pieces of cosmetic concrete and removing them.

However, tt’s going to take time and St. Pierre warns vibrations from the traffic could dislodge another piece from any road structure so there’s no guarantee this won’t happen again.

3 responses to “Piece Of Turcot Falls Down

  1. So my question to the MTQ would be this:

    “Is it safer to travel on the elevated sections or to travel beneath them?”

    I personally think neither is true… but living in the Sud Ouest and doing neither is a non-option.

  2. “only cosmetic, meant to cover and protect the rebar from the elements” …. “only cosmetic” … yeah and when the rebar rusts as it will … “all fall down”!

    (I spent 40+ years in construction so I know what gives: spalling concrete, then rusting rebar, then beginning of failure of the structure.)

  3. That s the part I just don’t get. Some of that rebar has been exposed for years. At one point on the outside of the tunnel it is not just sticking out, there are a few bars that have just fallen out and can touch the ground. Why?

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