Park(ing) Day NYC

When? September 19, 2008.  Where? New York City and around the world.

The Idea

Park(ing) Day is an international event that reclaims over 200 parking spots in 50 cities around the world and transforms them into engaging public spaces for one day a year.

Park(ing) Day NYC is an effort of the New York City Streets Renaissance which offers individuals and groups small grants to turn more than 50 parking spots throughout New York City’s 5 boroughs into human-friendly places for a single day. These small, temporary public spaces provide a breath of relief from the auto-clogged reality of New York City, and aim to spark a dialogue about our valuable public space and how we choose to use it.


There has been talk lately of Montreal hosting another Expo ’67. Silly, of course, but it does illustrate the narrow thinking of most politicians who cannot visualize much beyond repeating huge past events or just redeveloping whole areas of the city in a desperate attempt to  create taxable properties (and all that that implies).  But it is here with this simple little project from which great things can be realized. Take a little step, do a little dance, get down…ah, you know what I mean.

Park(ing) Day NYC

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