Doney Spur (7)

And so the journey ends. This last leg has no track but it’s quite easy to follow where it went. This whole adventure was a lot of fun, though it was waaay too hot on a few days. It makes a lot of sense to reuse the Doney as part of a commuter rail system, but you see developers have their hands in every niche and corner on the island. If you make a movie about a developer who simply builds the project, despite some local protest, you have something that will satisfy no one. If you make a movie about those locals stopping the developer, well, now you are going towards what is often called inspirational. Too bad most of us choose to let the developer have his way in real life.

And here is a map of the last leg.

Coming up to Alston.

The space between industrial and residential zones on the west island.

Nature always reclaims.

Trailer in the middle of the way.

Balance? or the battlefield?

Looking back.

For Sale?

Looking back from the west side of Stillview.

3 responses to “Doney Spur (7)

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  2. I have some sad news, on the west side of Alston, BouClair is expanding their warehouse on to the Doney Spur right of way. 😦

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