Doney Spur (6)

The last leg with Avrom Shtern and Andrew Dawson. Glenn Garner of The Green Coalition joined us for half this walk.

We started out at Sources and  went as far as Stillview where the Doney Spur right of way finally ends. The tracks actually stop before the Home Depot on the east side of Saint Jean.

Andrew and Glenn starting out.

We no sooner started when this unit came up behind us. Stopped and went back. We are not sure why it wanted to cross Sources. May have been checking the crossing….

Moving on.

It’s Everywhere.

The buildings at Saint Jean just gradually get bigger.

Cool hangout.

Old equipment.

Lone car in this siding.

Looking back we see a loading dock. Probably fairly busy here at one time.

Came across this which seemed odd. A field where the grass is cut and there are three fire hydrants but no access to them.

I was taking a few shots in this spot…

When I noticed this fox staring at me.

Wished I had a zoom lens at the moment. He just stood there for about 30 seconds and when I was turning to try to signal Andrew and Avrom,  he turned and ran into the bush.

The Home Depot coming up only opened last December but it does create some issues for reviving the Doney.

Avrom and Andrew coming to the end of the rail.

On the other side of Saint Jean, straight ahead, is the Doney right of way, which still exists even if Pointe Claire’s Mayor does not seem to think so. I will post the photos from here to Stillview later this week.

4 responses to “Doney Spur (6)

  1. Great photos Ken!

    I liked your coments regarding the line over how the mayor of Pointe-Claire seems to think that is non existant.

    Any ways it was great walking with you that day.

    Andrew Dawson

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