City Concerned About Heat Islands

So the city has decided that certain urban areas that are dominated by asphalt parking lots and concrete buildings may be hotter than the rest of the Island. Duh!!! I wonder how many research comittees got grants to study that one?

Here is a good example of the city’s executive committee sounding in with a very lame, very low energy, borderline retarded statement.

“We need to start building a greener city,” said Helen Fotopulos, the city of Montreal executive committee member responsible for parks and green spaces.


And that will probably start happening just as the last Griffintown/ Bois Franc development lays it’s last foundation!

Story here.

2 responses to “City Concerned About Heat Islands

  1. What riles me about that story is the fact that the gazette gives her (PhotoOpulos) center stage (the print copy has a picture of her standing alone in the park at a podium giving a speach) Presenting it as if it were her pet project and backed by the city council. She goes ahead and states as much…

    “Instead of heat islands, we need to create more cool islands like this…”

    “We’ve revitalized a neighbourhood not just by shops and restaurants but by the addition of all this breathing space.”

    Anyway, this council is beyond redemption on so many levels. Here’s hoping we’ll get a new batch of faces that want change next year.

    “We need to start building a greener city…” Yes, and you’ve been helping HOW exactly??

  2. I know, they are still in the “shrubs and grass” window dressing stage. I would be embarrassed to make announcements like that cause last time I checked it was 2008:P

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