The Doney Spur (5)

Continuing the journey with Avrom Shtern and Andrew Dawson.  We started at rue Douglas -B- Floreani and went to Toupin. Not a real long walk but we did a lot of side trips, particularly  around the area where the Doney was rerouted by Autoroute 13.

We found this old trailer near the start.

Here you can see the road where the Doney originally went before Autoroute 13 was built.

Looking around south of above. You can still see where the rail came up along this old loading dock.

Nature slowly reclaiming.

On the north side there is a horticultural company.

Bois de Liesse Park is just over to the right.

Hydro towers looking towards the 13.

The 13 just doesn’t look too imposing from ground level here.

It is also at this point that the Doney and the Lake Of Two Mountains line converge.

Getting closer to “civilization”.

The final straight stretch.

Mile zero for the Doney Spur.

I wonder if they can tap in?

Westbound right on schedule.

Red thing is a cyclist.

We went up this last spur.

To end up in someone’s back yard.

And then it was on to Noel Parc Nord and  Toupin boulevard (and also where I changed rolls, the final shots to be developed:P).

More to come.

3 responses to “The Doney Spur (5)

  1. Ken an up date about that private siding that we took that small detour on before we got to the Toupin crossing is that it has been lifted during the past week.

    Andrew Dawson

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