Spreepark, Berlin

Have to admit to having a weakness for abandoned amusement parks. There is just something so profoundly surreal about them and the eerie feeling that you have been there!

Spreepark from Wiki.

Here are some images from Dennis Gerbeckx who has a great Flickr page here.

There is also a group pool on Flickr.

Dead Dinosaur from naomi.

riesenrad by ill phil

and these two by urbtravel who has lots of images of other abandonements.

And a video from twoblueberries.

6 responses to “Spreepark, Berlin

  1. reminds me of a rusty ferris wheel i once saw in varadero…

    how amazingly beautiful and creepy. i would love to witness it in all of its quiet (considering amusement parks are usually so unbearably loud).

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