One response to “Happy Canada Day

  1. Hi Neath,

    Nice touch! And here’s hoping yours was smashing.

    The pyrotechnics [twitch] here in Dorval were actually quite spectacular as they treated us to a low-level, close-proximity [twitch] display which really had this spectator delighted.

    As you can tell, I’m very much excited by things that fly or light-up and go “bang!” or “ka-boom!” provided it’s all safe that is.

    Admittedly my national-pride was damaged badly by the Liberal advertising scandal but this year, with the impending sortie a-la-stage-left of the Harper nightmare, I feel a bit more hopeful that we might get the nation back on track in the coming years.

    Canada is still one of the most wonderful places on this third stone from the sun – I pray for a good future and prosperity in the year to come – despite some of the things we see and experience going on arond us all.


    [sound of a Snowbirds fly-over]

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