City Bulldozes It’s Way Through Again

There really is no end to the arrogance of the Tremblay administration. This article includes a quote from a member of the executive committee who says it is useless to send mega projects to the public consultation office. But why? Because no objective panel could possibly approve the projects this administration loves? Or is it because the public consultation office as it is under Tremblay is, indeed, quite useless? Probably a lot of both!

Another good one is Tremblay’s brother claiming that the public consultation office may take up to three months to make recommendations and that that is a long time.  O heaven help us should we make developers wait a whole 90 days! It would be funny if it wasn’t getting just so damned sad!

Remember the Tremblay administration at election time because you just deserve a whole lot more respect than you are getting!

6 responses to “City Bulldozes It’s Way Through Again

  1. I am so not commenting this at the risk of getting my head shot in this Blog.

    I’ll congratulate you for having your own opinion.

  2. I actually don’t think they are useless, until people that should not get involve do. A public consultation is a great way for the electors to talk about one subject in particular to the people they have put in office, to represent them.

    Like I was saying, some people, that go on both side are always a nuisance. You too often see people that are not touch by the subject at hand getting involve for the sake of getting involve, people that are agaisn’t what they call “the establishment” people that are just there because they are happy just stiring stuff around without having a real opinion.

    You too often see the same people there, wether it’s in St-Michel or St-Henri, these people are professional protestors and like in any other profession they are aexpert at what they do and their voices are too often taken seriously for nothing. From the Casino in the bassin Peel, to Griffintown, to the Turcot yard project, Dorval Circle, Notre-Dame Boulevard, they cannot ALL be bad.

    Public Consultation should be used mostly for Q&A, showing some transparency but instead they are too often filled with the wrong attitude and people leave the room at the end without real answers and a feeling of getting ripped off or laughed at instead of having their questions answered.

  3. Yes, the process is usually very unsatisfactory all around, Brub. And it is very frustrating when the meeting gets shifted by a lot of obscure even eccentric questions from people who may not have a lot of otherwise interest in the topic of the meeting. But then the powers that be seem to enjoy that by declaring that public hearings have been held and it’s in the books, goodnight!

    But there needs to be a better process. We live in an era that is supposed to be defined in part by a “think globally, act locally” approach to, among many other things, development. And we consistently see the city and their developer friends completely ignore the local (let alone the global) when planning takes place. Projects and deals are all conducted behind closed doors here and that is just not right.

    There are a lot of people who are passionate about Montreal who would love to see it regain some of it’s former glory. But the methods employed by the Tremblay team are surely destined to keep us digging out from past mistakes eternally.

  4. Bottom line in all this is that the government is supposed to be beholden to us. We are actually the people in charge, so why are we letting our politicians bulldoze their way through us without repercussions?

  5. We are probably too busy, as George Carlin put it, spending money we don’t have on things we don’t need”. We are all plugged in, it s easy to rant on line, but people seem to be getting more and more removed from doing things in reality.

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