Kirkpatrick Park – Ville Saint Pierre

Guess it is actually Lachine now since the mergers, since the not so SuperCity was introduced.

On this side of the park complex is a football/soccer field. The other side has basketabll courts, hockey rinks in winter, jungle gyms, etc.

You may note that trains pass right through the back creating, in effect, a barrier between this neighborhood and the west section of the Falaise Saint Jacques and Montreal West.

On the south side of the field is the Arena Martin Lapointe which features some pretty nice murals that are surprisingly untagged over. It’s called respect.

It is a low income neighborhood, not unlike Saint Henri at the other end of the Falaise. This park seems like a good place to consider as an “anchor” for a potential bike path system that would go north to Meadowbrook Golf Course, east along the Falaise, (going south to Lasalle via the Angrignon area.), and south towards the Lachine waterfront where it would hook up with the current system.

As insignificant as it may appear there is a small pedestrian tunnel that connects the north/south sides of the tracks.

Interesting, aint it?

10 responses to “Kirkpatrick Park – Ville Saint Pierre

  1. God, that’s the most Canadian set of murals I’ve ever seen! It speaks well of the residents that they haven’t been tagged at all.

    There’s a Chinatown night market near me, one of very few in Canada that are “authentically Asian street market” style, and they serve poutine! But they call it “fries dish.”

  2. lol, the melting cheese pot hath spoken!

    We have no end of irony in this country, like finding one of the biggest chunks of “Canadiana” in the country on the walls of an arena in Quebec. Go figure.

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  5. Wow. I was borne in Ville St Pierre, and lived there until 1958. There was no Tunnel on Maple Street. It was wide open leading up to Montreal West.

    The Park was the center of the Village. The Arena Martin Lapointe was originally Trenholme School. Now that VStP is part of Lachine, I lost the name of the street where I was borne. It was 4th Ave. and is now called Boyer Ave. !!!!

    Hey, know what, the park used to be a farm. It was called Lasche Farm, until about 1950 or so.

    • You are correct Tenspot, it is Kirkland Park, named after Dr Charles Kirkland, who was Mayor of V st. Pierre, and MPP for the region.

  6. How many realize that the pedestrian underpass beneath the CNR tracks shown in the photos above was originally a level crossing that both pedestrians and motorized vehicles routinely used. I suspect the level crossing was closed after too many accidents forced Ville St. Pierre to act. I am currently researching the exact date that this occurred, although I believe it was in the early 1960s following the 1961 closure of the original CNR main line further south, which itself was removed and covered over by today’s Victoria Avenue in Lachine. A remnant of that original main line exists today, terminating at 10th Avenue.

  7. Update: The Montreal Gazette for April 15, 1961, page 4 column entitled “On and Off the Record” states “…In Ville St. Pierre proper, the level crossing on Maple Street is reported about to be closed, but this is with confirmation.”.
    If and when further specifics are discovered, I will log them here.

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