That’s the idea for the new Turcot Interchange. Factotum decided to go take a look at a few places downtown where embankments are already used for transportation.

Here is a look at the Mountain street entrance to the freeway. But to get a good visualization of what Turcot will be like, imagine at least 3 lanes going each way and 4 directions criss crossing at some center point.

I suppose these things will require noise barrier walls?

And here is the train embankment near Peel and Wellington.

There is no doubt that at that height noise will be a huge issue. And of course rush hour, when traffic is at a standstill, will produce incredible amounts of pollution that will just blow with the wind. Does not seem like a good idea that shows much concern for health issues in the Southwest.

3 responses to “Embankment

  1. Mountain runs between a couple of the skyscrapers in the background, so that’s probably Guy. The best way to get an idea of what the embankment will look like is to check out the part of the Autoroute between La Verendrye and Pont Champlain, which was originally built that way.

  2. It s a good suggestion anyway, Kevin. At Turcot you currently have something unique, the embankment will absolutely rob this city of it’s one really interesting piece of freeway architecture. And then you add all the local side effects and it just doesn’t add up. I say renovate this one and let’s take the next 10 years to properly evaluate what the future of driving in and out of the downtown core can be.

    The city uses the word, “tram” as a kind of all encompassing We-Are-Committed-To-A-Sustainable-Future rhetorical tool to add some political legitimacy for downtown projects such as the nonsense wrapped up in the double talk that gives a car culture Griffintown project the possibilty of being serviced by trams. It’s laughable. That project is all about people with cars as in a Big Box is a Big Box is a Big F……. Box!

    Maybe we will just end up calling it the Falaise Turcot!

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