More Gabor

Aerial photographs of the Turcot Interchange being built by Gabor Szilasi around 1964-65.

Good view of the de La Verendrye section that is to be rebuilt in lower right.

Great view of the Lasalle Coke Company with it’s two tanks and Newman/Angrignon area.

Skyline has changed a little.

Building Rome.

9 responses to “More Gabor

  1. no idea. This was an enormous time of optimism in Montreal. We were supposed to die when the Saint Lawrence Seaway opened, essentially putting an end to our strategic port capabilities. But we carried on under a megalomaniac mayor whose success in the 60’s came to a grinding halt in the 70’s basically plunging us into a 30 year debt. Today we have tons of mega projects on the table again, including a rebuilding of the Turcot Interchange, and I fear the old modern ways of thinking behind all this in it’s short term optimism may condemn a new generation of Montrealers into a career length debt. I hope not, but the sun, the moon,and the stars appear to be lining up in the same old pattern.

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