Woods # 3 Or Riviere a L’Orme

Crazy kind of situation on the West Island in Sainte Anne de Bellevue where a developer actually owns one of the islands 10 “ecoterritories”. And would like to develop it, of course. There is however a movement afoot to buy the land in order to preserve it which should be the only option worth talking about and the only right thing to do.

Story here.

The Ten Ecoterritories.

The sad part of all this is that we even have to discuss these matters. The city said a few years ago that it was going to integrate ecoterritory, along with “green” strategies into it’s “Master Plan”. But we have seen that plan become nothing more than a vague reference package for good ideas come election time. The Tremblay administration had floundered, hemmed, and hawed on environmental and citizen issues, while giving developers unusually vast powers. The good news is that there is strong citizen support to save and protect Woods # 3, um, well, maybe that is not good news if one looks around at projects approved in recent times.

Stay tuned.

Rivière à l’Orme and its principal tributaries. The forest corridor bordering Riv-
ière à l’Orme serves a strategic link for the fauna and flora of the three neigh-
bouring nature parks (Anse-à-l’Orme, Bois-de-la-Roche and Cap-Saint-Jacques).

2 responses to “Woods # 3 Or Riviere a L’Orme

  1. Many people don’t appreciate that there is “old growth” forest in the Riviere a l’Orme ecoterritories. The biggest threat is from Pierrefonds (Montreal Borough) on the east side with plans for a 5,000 unit development. The Borough Mayor, if past performance is any guide, will do everything possible to prevent any public discussion of such plans.


  2. They know all too well that very few of these projects will hold up under public scrutiny. Then they just keep repeating how the city desperately needs the money, and TAXES WILL NOT HAVE TO BE RAISED! Shout that often enough and loud enough and you kill off the opposition, you effectively destroy the whole process of public consultations. And no one will remember when another project comes around and you start hollering TAXES WILL NOT HAVE TO BE RAISED! And all the strange bedfellows live happily ever after.

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