Turcot Mobilization/Mobilisation Turcot

“We are a collective of neighborhood coalition groups, community organizations, institutions, elected officials and concerned citizens that have been meeting to discuss and fully understand the impact and implications of rebuilding the elevated highway structures, including it’s many access ramps (known as the Turcot Interchange).

  • from St-Henri and Côte-Saint-Paul,
  • the “Village des Tanneries” on the north end of St-Henri,
    on the edge of the 720, and
  • the Galt sector south of the Turcot interchange,
    beneath autoroute 15.

We are united as a “Partnership table mobilized for the Turcot project” and have been concentrating on the following points:

  • Inform the public, with respect to the various studies conducted by experts who have analysed the impacts of the Turcot Project as currently proposed by the Quebec Minister of Transport.
  • Prepare ourselves for the meeting with the “Bureau des Audiences Publiques sur l’Environnement (BAPE)” organized by the Ministry responsible for sustainable development, the environment and parcs.*

We are mobilized against this project, because we believe the South-West will be even more exposed to the ill effects of pollution, in the form of increased traffic and the production of greenhouse gases. One cannot ignore the negative impact this new project will have on the development of this area, numerous apartments and houses will be expropriated and destroyed, forcibly causing citizens from these affected areas to leave their neighborhoods.”


It takes a whole lot of work to organize neighborhood/community coalitions, but these folks seem to be getting it together. This situation is not about developers and a piece of land or a city district, it is about multiple levels of government ignoring public concerns about projects involving massive shifts in infrastructure and the impact that can have on the surrounding communities. It just isn’t good enough for them to say, “trust us, we have done our homework”. If so, then how come these projects are presented publicly before the affected citizens are informed?

I would also like to remind people that there is a public information session concerning the Turcot Project this Tuesday, May 27, at 6:30 pm. It will be at Gadbois Centre, 5485 Cote St. Paul road. There is tons of parking available under the Interchange. You can get there by taking Notre Dame west through or to Saint Henri. Or, by Metro you are about a 12 minute walk from Place Saint Henri. The 191 will also let you off at the corner. And buses 36 Monk and 37 Joliquer will let you off at the front door.

See you there!

Turcot Mobilization/Mobilisation Turcot

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