Meadowbrook (2)

Last week I had the pleasure of touring the south side of Meadowbrook with a few of Les Amis de Meadowbrook. Here is a shot of the Little Saint Pierre River, the only open, still active, probably very polluted, part of this river that once flowed to the Falaise Saint Jacques and ran through Turcot Yards before making its’ way to the Saint Lawrence via Ville Emard and Verdun.

The southern corner, some golf and some housing.

South end of the passenger train yard.

Down at the extreme southern corner lies this obstacle, at least it would be an obstacle in connecting with the Falaise Saint Jacques via a bike/hike route. It would require the cooperation of the railroad to put a separate bridge somewhere through there but it is very doable.

And looking to the left of the bottom track we see a bridge that crosses Westminster street.

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