Turcot Park?

Well, I have been saying for three years that there is a wonderful opportunity to do something truly great and of value at Turcot Yards and today I read Jean Fortier saying this,

” “It’s an unbelievable opportunity…the potential is there to make something beautiful. [The yards] are a black hole for Montreal,” he said. “At least 60 percent of the land is public property,” owned by different levels of government. Autoroute 20 through LaSalle would effectively become a parkway, enhancing the city’s image in the eyes of visitors driving in from Trudeau International Airport.”

Not that I see it as a black hole because the glass is always half full at Turcot for me, at least until they officially actually go ahead and do something dumb and totally uninspired such as the current plan to rebuild the Interchange and effectively waste hundreds and hundreds of acres of possibilities.

Please read, Turcot Park? Will the Feds get on board or is it a pipe dream? in The Suburban.

To view the entire plan, visit here.

This plan, however, does not take in a truly global overview such as how the Falaise Saint Jacques can become the “connector” for green corridors and bike path networks on the west side of the city. Still, it is indeed light years ahead of what has been presented by Transport Quebec thus far.

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