Spring Cleanup In Les Tanneries

Les Tanneries. West Saint Henri. Just look for streets such as Desnoyers and Walnut  and you are there!

Saturday May 10th between 9-12am and 1-4pm
Join in our annual Community Spring Blitz
give the neighborhood a thorough spring cleaning!
refreshments (meet at depanneur)
Venez en grand nombre
Samedi le 10 mai entre 9-12 hres et 13-16 hres
pour notre grande corvée de ménage annuelle!
Venez faire bouteilles et autre débris qui traînent dans nos ruelles, sur nos trottoirs, et nos
espaces publics. Le café et des sandwiches seront offerts aux participants. N’oubliez
pas d’apporter vos gants!
Point de Rencontre: en face du dépanneur
Saturday Join in our annual Community Spring Blitz
Coffee, refreshments and sandwiches will be provided to volunteers.
Bring your gloves and roll up your sleeves!
Make a difference in your community… Give a hand!
(meet at depanneur)

Village Des Tanneries

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