Snowpile Update

Explored the east end of the Turcot snowpiles the other day. It’s a bit strange how from the freeway it looks like a huge gray snowpile that is just slowly melting. But up close you can see that there is tons of earth and gravel marbled in. And tons of snowblower shredded trash. One of the more interesting things about Turcot Yards over the last few years was how clean it was relative to what one might normally think of huge abandoned spaces. But now it is filthy.

Here is the eastern tip of the larger snowpile. Falaise is blooming nicely.

Not a piece of The Rock.

On the part I walked on there was a lot of these holes.

It was quite windy so I am not sure how much toxic crap I was exposed to but so far I haven’t lit up in the dark. Still, this walk was a real eye opener in regard to how much garbage we gather with snow clearing maintenance. Of course the carcinogens remains slyly invisible.

P.S. Seems the toxicity of the Turcot Snowpiles is getting in the news.

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