Kristyn Vinkour

Manteno State Hospital was a mental asylum in Manteno, Illinois. It was open from 1930 to 1985. It was a Kirkbride institution. Since it’s closure many people have explored the premises as the buildings have gradually decayed, but perhaps none as intensely as artist Kristyn Vinikour. She took a look at the history of one patient, “Gennie”, and began to inscribe and document what that women’s experience may have been.

I feel it is important for the story of Gennie to be told and for people to know the injustices she and many others were subjected to.”

The Gennie Messages

The Manteno Project

The Unexplained World

Kristyn Vinkour

2 responses to “Kristyn Vinkour

  1. That is almost too powerful to bear. Amazing, shocking, appalling, moving, and completely, searingly human. It’s so much more comfortable to dehumanize the mentally ill.

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