The Sources Interchange

Built in the 60’s when it was believed that concrete could be sexy this thing has more curves than a belly dancer convention. Last Sunday was pretty nice and I had a chance to walk across the pedestrian overpass. This one is also on the list to be renovated or rebuilt.


5 responses to “The Sources Interchange

  1. I like this collection and some of the other posts here focusing on interchanges and the likes. Gotta love some ol’ timey concrete engineering.

  2. I grew up a block north from here.

    This used to be such a nice, busy space. The arch used to have stairs leading down to the tracks, since the train used to stop here to drop passengers off. I don’t remember when this discontinued, and all passengers were dropped off instead at Valois Bay instead, but it did mark the beginning of the end for the now dilapidated and now almost abandoned shopping mall just around the corner, as well as the strip mall just west from there (although that’s come back some since)

    There’s a hollow area just under the Boul. des Sources overpass, where my friends and I used to play. Occasionally it was used as a camp site for people who were traveling via the empty freight cars

  3. That’s a great story. We can only pity those who grew up without infrastructure or the river or something dilapidated or unusual, out of the way, or even forbidden. A childhood without exploring is a sad thing indeed.

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