Mountain Plans Not Etched In Stone

Article in today’s gazette about a public hearing last night on plans to maintain Mount Royal as an all natural park. Some are dissatisfied with the city for not creating “untouchable” zones, which does leave developers with cause to at least drool a bit. There really should be, once and for all, a clear and strong zoning of the mountain. Way too much of it has been chipped away over  time and it’s absurd for City Hall to not have the gonads to finally just say, “That’s it”! Or are they intrigued by some as yet unmentioned “possibilities”?

Found this paragraph to be highly ironic.

“Nina Gould, of the Nuns’ Island Heritage Protection Committee, said the master plan does not spell out how mountain views will be preserved. Six apartment buildings planned for Nuns’ Island will block the view of the river from Mount Royal “like a wall of Florida-style towers.” ”

Nun’s Island certainly could have used that type of an organization 40-45 years ago when development began in earnest on what was once described as one of the most important ecological zones  in the area (a marshy wetland to name just one aspect of it). There already is a bunch of towers on the island that confuse the view from many places. You would hardly know Verdun had a waterfront, or is not dominated by condo towers, from many viewpoints.

And on it goes….

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