Information Evening On Falaise Saint Jacques & Meadowbrook

Information Town Hall, Thursday April 24th, 2008 Green right of way
 will be holding its founding meeting the 24th of April at 7PM at the St.
 Raymond Community Centre located at 5600 Upper Lachine Road. 

Several grass roots community groups have come out in support of this
 effort. The main focus of discussion will be the future conservation of
 the St. Jacques Escarpment, Meadowbrook Golf Course and their
 integration into a greater greenbelt in Southwestern Montreal.

For more information please contact: Green right of way at 514-484-1471

It IS possible to recreate natural environments that increase the quality of
life in your community. Come to the meeting and discover how this can be done.

The Saint Jacques Escarpment and Meadowbrook will be discussed in light of 
construction projects that threaten to destroy or compromise them, and a plan
of action will be presented to protect and develop sustainable green spaces within
the cities and boroughs of the South West

3 responses to “Information Evening On Falaise Saint Jacques & Meadowbrook

  1. The Green Right of Way is gaining strength. This is a tremendous plan which would give Montrealers access to the green space that we so badly need. It is vital that we have safe areas for cycling, cross country skiing, and walking. There would also be very valuable bird watching areas.

    This green belt would also be a buffer zone to improve the quality of air the people of the west and southwest are breathing. It would help clean the air coming from the industrial areas of Lachine, west island, and Trudeau Airport.

    We’d like to get Velo Quebec on board. Anyone have any contacts there? If you are a member of a group that would add their name to those supporting Green Right of Way, please contact me at

    Here is our current list of supporters-

    St-Raymond Residents` Association
    Friends of Medowbrook
    The Green Coalition
    Le comité de sauvegarde du partimoine bâti et naturel du quartier Desmarchais-Crawford de l`arrondissement de Verdun
    NDG Community Council
    Éco-quartier Décarie-Loyola
    Héritage Laurentien
    Bird Protection Québec
    Montreal West Environmental Action Committee

    This really is important. Thanks, Jo Ann

  2. Having filmed the meeting/session I will be posting the video version online shortly for those who are/were unable to get out and attend.
    Meanwhile I invite you to check out The Turcot Yard Snow Dump Toxic Disaster page/Blog/site I’ve created – just click through to my continually updated blog.
    A good number of salient points were brought to the surface at the meeting about the escarpment, especially that it is a political hot-potatoe with a number of interests laying their claim to the territory for one reason or another. Politicos speaking out of both sides of their mouths telling us that the falaise is, “…protected” yet it is agreed that the issue of who owns what part of it? has never been resolved, only served to muddy the waters a bit more. How can something be protected if it is not identifiable legally? This is apparenty a great sham. More on the site.
    Nice job on your blog – keep up the good work!

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