Will politics doom Montreal’s Griffintown?

That’s the headline on this article from the Globe & Mail.

“If every city has its share of don’t-know-what-you’ve-got-till-it’s-gone horror stories, Montreal has probably surpassed the North American average when it comes to paving paradise.” Article here.

Meanwhile, Henry Aubin’s column in today’s Gazette is called, Don’t Do It. He lists seven reasons why the Griffintown project should not go ahead as is. There are many more. Article here.

And the Gazette, which originally approved the project, is now stepping on the brakes saying things like, “It’s rare to turn over so much of a city’s core to one developer. It’s doubly rare for a project of this magnitude to go ahead with so little opportunity for general public debate.” Article here.

Gerald Tremblay showed his true colours when he tried to change the name of Parc Avenue against the wishes of nearly everyone, and the whole administration can be painted in Devimco hues with the shameful way this project came to be. Remember this at election time!


2 responses to “Will politics doom Montreal’s Griffintown?

  1. It started out that way then slowly morphed into one of those “interconnectedness” things. Isn’t that really annoying?:P

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