Saint Remi Tunnel Closed to Traffic

Taken from Exploring Southwest Montreal.

“According to the Voix Populaire, the Saint-Remi Tunnel (St-Remi between rue St-Ambroise and avenue de l’Eglise) will be closed to automobile traffic from March 25th until June 20th, 2008. Transport Quebec will doing structural repairs to the part of Autoroute 15 that goes over the tunnel. Vehicle traffic will be detoured via the Monk street bridge. In addition, bus route 79 will be rerouted.”

Now is a good time to look back. These shots were all taken in the 80’s. Anyone remember when Decarie got flooded in ’87? From Wiki,

‘On July 14, 1987, a sudden torrential downpour caused by an HP supercell thundertstorm dumped over 100 millimetres (4 inches) of rain in just over one hour across the city. The Décarie Expressway which is below-grade was heavily flooded and became a river. At some locations, the water was nearly 4 meters deep on the roadway. Over 300 vehicles were abandoned when they were submerged. 2 people were killed by the storm including one on the Expressway.

On July 5, 2005, another torrential downpour flooded portions of the Expressway after several manhole covers blew over.”

Lost in the roar over Decarie was the fact that the Saint Remi was flooded in the same storm and it took over a week to clean it up.

There was also a lot of repair work done in the 80’s and they did try to keep it open to traffic as much as possible.

Not so good for the pedestrian walkway.

And here is some graffiti from the pedestrian tunnel. Please keep in mind that this was well before there was any graffiti superstars like Flow, Seaz, or Timer working in the city.

So once again the drivers of the Southwest will have to get used to a detour. Perhaps it is good practice for when the Turcot redo brings traffic to a standstill for 5 or 6 years in the area?

5 responses to “Saint Remi Tunnel Closed to Traffic

  1. Oh man, that detour is going to kill me every time I need to head to the EcoCenter to dump a load!

    Well I imagine it’s for the best, hopefully they’ll upgrade the lights a tad (not blind the f’ing hell out of you ala Fort St tunnel bright) since the last time I drove into St-Remi tunnel in daylight I couldn’t see a thing for the first 50 feet. Always a pleasant feeling with a load of nail infested wood sitting behind you in the van.

    PS those graf tags are wild!

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