New York City Waterfalls

In January it was announced that the artist Olafur Eliasson will present 4 installations of “waterfalls” in New York City from mid- July to mid-October of this year.

“In developing The New York City Waterfalls, I have tried to work with today’s complex notion of public spaces,” said Eliasson. “The Waterfalls appear in the midst of the dense social, environmental, and political tissue that makes up the heart of New York City. They will give people the possibility to reconsider their relationships to the spectacular surroundings, and I hope to evoke experiences that are both individual and enhance a sense of collectivity.” From here.

I would guess that comparisons with Christo (and very specifically The Gates) are inevitable. The very first thing that came to my under the freeway brain was that 8 million toilets get flushed numerous times per day in NYC, though I am not sure I want to pursue that line of inquiry, and will  just leave off by saying it should be a very successful project.

From Lego Cities To New York City Waterfalls 


One response to “New York City Waterfalls

  1. Wow!

    Words just don’t come with this presentation. Completely overwhelmed with the beauty and brilliance.

    Truly a great project.

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