Call For Snowpiles

This one is east of Avro and Des Sources in Dorval.

They are all over the island this year and we may never see snowpiles this large again. I am going to post your large snowpile pictures here, and if there is a good response I will create a page just for them. Turcot Yards has been turned into a snow dump this winter and it is just amazing! So who is going to beat me to posting images of that?

5 responses to “Call For Snowpiles

  1. I’m heading to the west island in the next few days, gonna shoot that kirkland snowdump! ahh joy. Hey here’s a question. I was driving though Griffintown last night and saw trucks dumping snow into a giant hole under Hwy 10 and Ottawa street. Is that a storm drain dumping straight into the river, or is there some super secret snow cave right underfoot?

  2. Hey, Lefty, I would assume that it is part of the storm drain system that runs around the city, though I am no expert on that. There are quite a few “Snow Dumps” on the island but the ones I have seen tend to be like big metal doors on the ground that can be opened. Not sure about that large hole you saw, but I will ask around.

  3. Here’s the motherload, so to speak, one end shot from the west and the other is (actually) looking north – we think of it as east – from the south side of Hwy 20 to show the length of the huge piles of snow almost 4 km in length filling Turcot Yard.

    This is another of those sites which has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.
    More next week – video too.

  4. The above didn’t work out – sorry – please go to

    for coverage of the Turcot Yard Snow Dump 2008 environmental disaster story in progress. Watch the story unfold as Spring arrives at long last.

    See you there – great job everyone has done on this.

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