Camilo Jose Vergara

Chilean born documentary photographer has photographed murals of Dr. Martin Luther King over the last 30 years. Story here.

Camilo Jose Vergara

This got me thinking of the community art organization I worked for from 1998 to 2003, Open City Productions 2002. We used art to promote social issues, inspire at risk youth, and so on. I found this image which is actually a 5′ x 8′ canvas.A bit dark but it does contain the spirit of those activities. Open City closed in 2003.

I managed a project that had 800 of these canvases in it (which included selections from every province and territory) and , boy, do I ever miss that! Will probably write more on it soon. In the meantime, if there is anyone who would like to start up a project like that, I’m your guy!

6 responses to “Camilo Jose Vergara

  1. Hello, did you get your peices back after Open City shut its doors?
    I really value what they stood for as a community activist arts group and was proud to have had a small part of it.
    recently I have been digging up the ideas to start rolling out another red carpet, so to speak…we’ll see what happens.
    Do you know why they had to close down?


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