Rail Link Airport To Downtown

City Hall has announced that there will be a rapid transit rail line between Pierre Eliot Trudeau International Airport and downtown Montreal. This is a long overdue announcement but I have to question how relevant it might be at this stage of the ‘ol game. As I have said countless times before this wouldn’t be happening if Mirabel had worked. One of the bigger problems with Mirabel was that there was never a rapid train nor even a decent direct freeway for getting there from the city. But in terms of sustainability, expanding Trudeau may be a mistake. That is a lot of pollution, noise, and a heck of a huge chunk of land being used for a transportation method that may actually start to see a decline in the coming decades as fast train lines become more popular for same day destinations, heck, there may not even be a choice. Solar Airlines?

Kate over at Montreal City Weblog asks today if the city couldn’t do anything to improve the bus service between the airport and downtown. As it is you have to take the 211 to Dorval station and then transfer onto the 204, which is not a frequently running bus. It really is kind of bush league that there is not at least a direct “special” bus that does the job. Of course there are no bus lanes along highway 20, so the trip would not necessarily be much faster, but at least it would be one bus, one destination.

2 responses to “Rail Link Airport To Downtown

  1. Hello,
    Am planning a trip to Montreal to visit cousins and friend, would like to know if there is transportation by bus or train to the center of Montreal..they live in Westmount and I imagine I could take a taxi from the center of the city to their home….thanks, Jane Foss

  2. From Westmount to downtown is a not too expensive cab ride. Bus availability can very sketchy as you go up to various places on the “hill”. It depends on where in Westmount. “Lower” Westmount is fairly public transit friendly though not great in some areas.

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