Ice Storm (2)

Dug up a few pictures from around Verdun.

The jewelry store on the corner, Dube, was better known as Gaulins for about 40 or more years. Vacant lot is a result of a fire in the 80’s.

Oddly the lights at La Grande Marquise were on and emergency lights of the Galt Metro entrance. Restaurant is closed today.

One response to “Ice Storm (2)

  1. seems like forever ago. 10 years. although the images from that winter will stay with us (those that didn’t leave the day the storm started and spend 10 days on a cruise ship…mom!) for a while.
    i remember sneaking to the medical center across the street every night to plug in a long extension cord to power the fans on our wood burning stove. good times, good times. or chopping 6 inches of ice from the valleys on our house’s roof. or wondering why so many people didn’t have any friends or family they could rely on and had to spend many nights in a shelter. sad story.

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