Montreal Snowstorm, December 16, 2007

And another one! Was driving around in this one sans camera so I will depend on the foresight of others once again. It really is a throwback to an “old time December” and I haven’t seen this kind of snow fun in the city in at least 30 years.

From sh3phard



And some stills from



Quan Nguyen

2 responses to “Montreal Snowstorm, December 16, 2007

  1. I was appalled to find that this post had been spammed by an opportunist. I enjoy keeping in touch with you and I’m reveling in the fact that we have no snow to shovel on the west coast. To you and yours I send a >strong> warm Happy Holiday greeting may your New Year be a rewarding one.

  2. Same to you!

    I have been out of the picture for over a week and was appalled as well to see such a huge spam comment here. It only takes a click in any case.

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