The Homeless Are Homeless All Year Long

This post at Montreal City Weblog got me thinking about brain chemistry. Isn’t it strange how we all get those warm and fuzzy, heck, even flabbergastingly sentimental feelings around Christmas time? Then January comes and we are ready to run down the first person who looks at us the wrong way. What’s up with that anyway?

It is indeed a wonderful thing that we tend to think of the homeless, donate to Christmas funds, give a little spare change, or write a check to a charity, when things seem to be going just so good for us and ours. But why can’t we keep that spirit up for the whole year? Do we actually have some kind of a “Christmas gene” that gets triggered into benevolent action by certain external signs? And then it gets suddenly switched off?

Or is it simply that because we are going to be giving something to someone that we open ourselves up to giving on a larger scale? Now that is interesting, isn’t it?

I am going to urge all of you (wink) to mark down June 20th, 2008 (the Summer Solstice) as a day on which you promise to yourself to at least think of giving to someone else, and then consider if your benevolent gene is being triggered. I say this because the homeless are homeless all year long, the poor are getting poorer all year long, the children are dying all year long, and on it goes…

One response to “The Homeless Are Homeless All Year Long

  1. It is interesting and maybe we suddenly feel the urge to give something away at Christmas because the guilt of over indulgence sweeps over us. I prefer halloween and guy fawkes personally.

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