Water In Canada

Most Canadians probably figure we will easily survive global warming because, for one, we have an unlimited supply of water. Wrong! The Gazette has been running a series on Water in Canada this week and here is an exceprt from William Marsden’s new book, Stupid To The Last Drop: How Alberta Is Bringing Environmental Armaggedon To Canada (And Doesn’t Seem To Care). It’s an eye opener and yet more strong evidence that your grandchildren will have a not great shot at survival.

Article here.


2 responses to “Water In Canada

  1. Good, but anxiety provoking articles you have provided as links in this post. I wonder how come the Vancouver Sun doesn’t bother to print such information given that massive behaviour change is required if we are to leave any sort of liveable world to our granchildren.

  2. There are massive water supply problems in Australia too. One of the many environmental issues that lead to the downfall of the Howard govt last weekend.

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