10 responses to “Red

  1. Wonderful shades of red. I miss red in fall. In NM we get great yellows, but little red. Some Virginia Creeper, if the sun hits it just right.

  2. It wasn’t that spectacular a season this year in the way it all tends to explode at the same time as there was a kind of drawn out summer but there were some nice spots.

  3. Ever since I made this comment, I’ve been driving around from home to work, work to grocery store, etc., and seeing flashes of red foliage. And I keep saying to myself, We *have* red, what was I thinking?

  4. Out here on the west coast we do have reds but most are produced by imported trees and shrubs. What’s natural here is many differing shades of yellow and gold that are produced by native plants.

    Both the golds and reds are brightly coloured spots against the evergreen backdrop. They draw my eyes and cause me to reflect on the beauty at hand – beauty that is so easily overlooked.

    When a number of warm, sunny autumn days and cool but not freezing nights come one after the other, it’s going to be a good year for reds. And the amount of rain in a year also affects autumn leaf color. The best autumn colours come when there’s been:

    * a warm, wet spring
    * a summer that’s not too hot or dry, and
    * a fall with plenty of warm sunny days and cool nights.

    Our spring was wet and cool as was the beginning of our summer. Fall rains came early and most trees are shedding the last of their leaves now. So the reds are rare this year and a I value them more than I did in years gone by.

    Although I frequently drop in I’m not a gifted commentator so before I go I want to say thanks for sharing the wonderful photos and the fascinating information I find in this blog as well.

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