More Meta Meme

Semaha just posted these so I will post them here.

These are just great! The first one really, really, gives you a feel for what the place can be like.

Semaha who has been featured here before.

dream listener who started the whole thing here.

And then I blogged about it here, which must mean that someone else will…..ah nevermind!

4 responses to “More Meta Meme

  1. meet neath

    blogging is a way to make connections and get a feel for other people who may be interested in the same things as you. which is how i met neath. but now, (mostly due to the idea planted in my head from someone who connected to me via’s neath blog) i think it could be fruitful to actually meet with neath. in person. maybe a group of us can figure out some way to get neath officially hired by the overpass commission…or maybe we could…who knows.

    so with this impulse and with neath agreeing i am proposing we meet neath on:

    sunday the 11th

    at the green spot: 3401 notre dame, saint henri (montreal)

    at 14h

    but i know my blog does not get enough traffic to gather together all the neath supporters who may like to meet, so…if you are a blogger could you please pick up this post…improve on it (leslie…you are a wonderful writer, i am sure you could put a good twist on this) and post it on your blog?

    oh yeah, i will bring a cardboard dream with something like “i dreamt i met neath” so when you get to green spot you aren’t faced with anxiety as to what table could possibly be reserved for you!

  2. Loving the tonal range of the first one. Look almost IR. The second shows the great “grandeur” of it all. I will miss you Turcot Interchange.

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