Saint Henri / La Glen

I’ve only recently discovered this amazing website that focuses on “La Glen” area of Saint Henri or Les Tanneries as it is often called today. It is a remarkable little history of a city neighborhood from approximately 1930 to 1970. Please do check it out here.

Here is a shot from the site that shows Vaillant Park and the Falaise Saint Jacques.

Turcot Yards is just beyond those buildings!

Some guys outside the White Owl Social Club.

Baseball team with trophy.

I look at the faces on those kids and I realize what an interesting world this must have been, so much to explore. Can you imagine being a kid and wondering what was up on that hill?

2 responses to “Saint Henri / La Glen

  1. Nice find, Charlie.

    Here’s a 1954 map showing the location of Vaillant Park:

    Now just another vacant lot under the 720.

    Incredible, the amount of history underneath one simple patch of ground, isn’t it?

    Keep up the good work.

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