Dream Launch

Fagstein has an article in Saturday’s gazette about Dream Listener. “A launch of an audiobook about the Dream Listener project take places Friday ( October 19th) at 6 p.m. at the “Park with No Name” at St. Laurent Blvd. and Van Horne Ave. Proceeds will go to the St. James Drop-In Centre.”

And from the Dream Listener blog,

Because this intervention takes place in the street and because found cardboard is used to communicate dreams, there is an implied relationship between the action and the people who live their lives on the street. “dream listener” has also spent the year building a relationship with the people of the Saint-James Drop-In Centre, a day centre for people who are at risk because of one or a combination of the following factors: homelessness, mental illness, substance abuse, personality disorder, or intellectual handicap.

The audiobook produced by the Centre de recherche urbaine de Montréal is a compilation of the dreams collected from people on the street and from the Saint James Center. It tells the story of “dream listener’s” experiences and the story of people met along the way.

The c.d. is available at the launch for a suggested donation of 10$ with all proceeds going to the Saint James Centre.

For more information :

Saint James Drop-In Centre http://www.stjamescentre.ca/
The Homeless Nation is Canada’s only website created by and for Homeless Canadians. They work to close the digital divide between the general public and Canada’s homeless population. http://homelessnation.org

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