Back At The Piles

A year ago I wrote this post about some suspicious dumping at Turcot Yards. In that time there has been a fair amount of growth on those piles.

This loader sits in the location of the drain seen a year ago. Waiting for when needed I guess.

Just over beyond the loader I discovered these things which look like they may have supported a building but they weren’t there a year ago.

Some patterns.

I apologize for the high contrast of these images which were shot on Kodak Portra which is clearly not a good film on very bright days. Wow, do I ever feel like a dinasour talking about film (smile).

2 responses to “Back At The Piles

  1. Strangely enough they don’t look as bad to me with a bit of time. Still, I have one last roll of that stuff in the camera and that will be the end of it.

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