Housing To Be Demolished

Freeway being built, housing to be demolished – so what else is new? This Gazette article touches on the tip of the iceberg. For the people of Les Tanneries in Saint Henri it will be a heartbreaking experience. They have worked harder than most communities to upgrade their neighborhood quality of life and are a role model of citizen determination- they planted 2000 trees along the road that leads to Turcot Yards in 2005. These are really good people.

Some housing will go and others will have to put up with having construction in their front or back yards for a period of 4-6 years . Compensation for people who move will be 3 months rent and moving expenses according to the law.

Something just isn’t right in this process. Maybe in the 1960’s it was still okay to operate this way with Drapeauvian zeal for the mega project, to view it all as the inevitable side effects of “progress”, but I would sure like to think we have grown up as a society since then and have also become a little more intelligent (and possibly even more sensitive?!?) in our approach to things, but we have chosen to repeat old methods, antiquated solutions, tunnel vision, and, yes, arrogance.

Shrub, anyone?

And it is not the first time outside forces have acquired land in Les Tanneries under dubious conditions. Read here.

8 responses to “Housing To Be Demolished

  1. i used to live in the little pocket bordered by the railway and the highway (right where the 2000 trees were planted). it is a unique little area with quite an intense memory for me…fires, hells angles, poverty and…black soot in the house if you left the windows open (i presume from the highway.)

    and i agree neath, forced dislocation of those who are most vulnerable in terms of lodging, should no longer be acceptable. the rights of the individual are superseded over and over by government with an almost callous disregard for the real life human consequences.

    three months rent! oh boy!

    there must be something we can do?


  2. Hey neath

    Can’t believe they built that highway bridge over Les Tanneries like that, just before the ’67 Expo. How outrageous. How cynical.

    People in power always see the little man and woman as a nuisance, something to be ignored, played with like a dog does with a bone. From my experience around where I live in North London, UK local councillors need a rocket up their arse.


  3. Well, the party line seems to be something like, “We know we aren’t going to please everyone with a huge and complex project like this”. And that seems to rationalize, justify, and enable the whole deal.

    Politics and the people are strange indeed. It’s fairly obvious today that Quebec engineers were building astonishingly strong highway structures in the 50’s and 60’s. The reason there is so many in trouble today is because we know now that there have been decades of negligent maintenance. Yet who do people blame? The beauty of Ministries (such as the Ministere des Transport du Quebec -Transport Ministry) is that they don’t have any long term consequences or accountability. It s the leader of the party who gets fried, and probably on other issues to boot!

    I mean who remembers who a provincial minister was 20 years later?

  4. Maintenance ain’t sexy.

    An area leader would rather cut the ribbon on a shiny new project than beaver away quietly getting the important jobs done, such as maintenance of public facilities … roads, schools …etc.

    Not sure how this egotistical approach can be dealt with tbh.

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