Dorval Circle Work Begins (Road Headaches In Montreal)

Article in today’s Gazette discusses possible road construction/repairs is causing some traffic headaches on the Island. I noticed on Wednesday that the Atlas Copco plant off the westbound exit ramp going into Dorval Circle from the 20 is being demolished, so the project may finally be actually happening! Read here.

From that Google Earth image you can see that any ramp they build that goes more directly to the airport will have to cross Cote De Liesse and the train tracks, Will be interesting.

Roundabouts seem to work in Europe but they have been a nightmare in large urban areas in North America. Montreal has three main roundabouts – The L’Acadie, Decarie, and Dorval Circles, and all are feared and loathed by motorists. Asking drivers to change over two lanes in fast busy traffic while on a sharp curve does seem to be a recipe for disaster. Even the Turcot Interchange forces drivers to cross over at high speed, though usually one lane does the trick. One of the main problems at Dorval Circle is traffic lights at every quarter turn which can back the thing up very quickly.

And there is plans for a high speed rail line between the airport and downtown – getting complicated!

Here is a huge PDF that proposed the plans for the whole Dorval Circle area.

One response to “Dorval Circle Work Begins (Road Headaches In Montreal)

  1. Nice find on the .pdf file.

    The main Atlas Copco building is just a pile of rubble as of today. It would be nice if they left the little building out back standing, given the Waste Island’s woeful lack of industrial heritage buildings. But I doubt it’ll happen.

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