Falaise Conumdrum

Article here in The Chronicle discusses Transport Quebec‘s plan to move Autoroute 20 closer to the Falaise Saint Jacques when the Turcot Interchange is rebuilt. Wouldn’t they be saving at least a couple hundred million dollars by simply reworking the 20 where it is now and allowing the Falaise to become the unique park it was meant to be? This plan to put the freeway beside it will destroy the place, reducing it to some kind of a green noise barrier wall.

Photo Courtesy The Chronicle

3 responses to “Falaise Conumdrum

  1. I don’t think that many people are going to enjoy a park that is on such a steep slope, and will probably be off-limits for safety reasons anyway. A green sound barrier doesn’t sound too bad.

    Besides, putting the park on the other side of the highway leaves it adjacent to streets and homes and businesses instead of sandwiched between a highway and a cliff where no one can get to it.

  2. “putting the park on the other side of the highway leaves it adjacent to streets and homes and businesses”

    i disagree. there are only industries on the south side of the highway, and they all use the proximity of the highway. on the other hand, getting rid of the warehouses would widen the park that lines the canal.

  3. It can be easily made into an enjoyable, nay, world class park. A bicycle path was started but never finished ( there is some paved road inside all that bush). People have had some good ideas for the place but City Hall always found a way to get distracted, e.g. Drapeau even commented on the potential there, but was obviously busy with other fish. If we worry about issues like security we might as well never build anything. Mount Royal would never have been made into a park if people were afraid of all “the crime up there” (maybe they were, be interesting to check out). I think we are all better off for it…where there is a will……

    And the Falaise is extra special because of it’s geological heritage value. It s the only “natural” area along the developed edge of the “plateau” that weaves along the south side of Mount Royal from past Montreal West to the east side of downtown.

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