Los Angeles River

Found a nice blog today similar to this one called Nature Trumps: An LA River Blog Compiled By Jay Babcock. Do check it out!

And found a great group on Flickr that shows their photographs of the Los Angeles River and many of it’s overpasses, infrastructure, art, and green spots. Go here.







My selection does not do justice to the group, but space, as they say, is limited. Enjoy!

There is also FoLAR (Friends of the Los Angeles River) who are planning a huge mural project on Sepetember 22 and 23.”Over 100 artists from L.A. will be joined by visiting artists from San Diego, the Bay area, and as far away as Germany to transform a section of the L.A. River into a unique, vibrant collaborative mural”. Check it out here.

Not to be outdone is FOVICKS, (Friends Of Vast Industrial Concrete Kafkaesque Structures), Greg Ercolano’s photoessay of the Los Angeles River.

Photo Greg Ercolano

And a reminder that we have posted about John Humble‘s work on the Los Angeles River as well. It’s here.

Gee, it s getting a little lonely being the lone soul on the Turcot bandwagon. Anyone want to join? (smile).

3 responses to “Los Angeles River

  1. I LOVE TURCOT!! (How’s that?)

    Walking Turcot Yards has shown to me the intense beauty of the place.
    I would not have imagined myself appreciating a location as this, but because of WTY, I have, and I do.

    I walk the yards with you…

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