5 responses to “Erosion

  1. Like the skeleton of the dinosaur…
    When I see that sort of thing, I think of the person that stood there, maybe hot, maybe cold, twisting the wires that tied the re-bar together. Was he thinking about lunch? His kids? Was this the first day on the job?
    Did he drive his family there days later, “just to see what I have been doing at work”?
    I think that is what it is about Turcot that grabs me…so much human effort, so much life, gone to build it.

  2. And there was the rail yard before the Interchange with the largest Roundhouse in the world!

    Lots of activity at Turcot – all involved with moving people and goods.

    There used to be an interesting article online about how the native people used the area but I can’t find it anymore. There was Otter Lake and the Lachine Canal was more or less built over a series of streams that were used for transport once upon a time. The lake would have been packed with all sorts of migratory birds.

    Anyway the history here seems to be transportation, transportation, and transportation (smile)!

  3. My first thought at seeing that damage was “Thank goodness it isn’t a load bearing section!” That would be frightening.

    And it isn’t good, but perhaps a little comforting that we in Western Australia are not alone in upsetting migratory birds.

  4. Dream…
    I actually thought about the gender thing when I wrote the comment. That’s why I used “person” in the first sentence 🙂
    The “he” and “his” in the remainder of the comment was me, using writer’s license!
    I, being female, have done my share of masons labor, and tied some rebar…people that do that kind of hard work are “the guys” no matter what their gender 🙂
    Show me yer calluses…

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