4 responses to “Foliage

  1. You cannot pay to achieve a garden of this beauty. No one weeds it, no one waters or fertilizes, and it grows lush, and layered, and beautiful. Bravo, world.

  2. I agree. I would love to see a spot in the city designated as a no plant no trim area, just throw a bunch of seeds in and see what nature will somewhat randomly give us!

  3. By the way, Leslie, I am for some reason unable to comment on your blog and WP support seems to be closed these days. Excellent blog and thanks for mentioning this one!

  4. Hi, Neath. Commenting to my blog gives everyone fits. I apologize ahead of time. You have to register to the blog first, then get a password via email, then log in, then comment, then wait for me to approve the first comment… aaauuuggghh!!!
    The first time is the hassle, then it’s commenting like normal. I promise.
    Please give it a try, despite the rigmarole. Think of it as an “adventure” 🙂
    The word “register” is under the username/password box…it is the magic portal…

    I LOVE Walking Turcot Yards blog.
    This post in particular reminded me of ‘knowing’ as a kid, that if people weren’t around, the world would still grow.

    Hope you run the gauntlet over at Leslie’s Blog. I would love to have you…

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