Graffiti (3)

Who says taggers don’t have a sense of humour? (and where have I heard that one before?). Very appropriate in light of the state of Quebec highway overpasses these days.

Another one of these.

And how is this for a painting of itself while being a painting of itself?

10 responses to “Graffiti (3)

  1. I love the meta.

    Someone’s going around Vancouver taking pictures of graffiti and printing them out and pasting them up over the exact same spot in the graffiti. If I had a camera I’d take a shot for you. Very subtle, very meta.

  2. The thrid picture is smashing. In particular I like the picture of the picture itself painted into itself.
    This is graffiti taken to another level and sure beats looking at the personality-less cement walls built by planners, architects and politicians such as we see (sic) all along the “Autoroute des souvenirs (the 20).
    One day this sort of art will be integrated into urban spaces in a very cohesive manner. I can only hope the artists will benefit.
    I’d like to see more of this sort of graffiti – somehow I feel it is a contribution to society. And, hey!, stop all that name scrawlling, you’re nobody anyhow, like dogs and cats marking their territory. If you’re going to mark something do it with class, make a statement. Stop wasting canvas space. 🙂

  3. Tags and pieces can be beautiful but it is usually something that appears to be a well thought out concept or a social issue that usually grabs our attention in a way that makes us say, yea, now that is the kind of public art I want to see.

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