Galipeault Bridge To Get Facelift

Article here makes the $98,000,000 estimate seem like a downright bargoon in this age of the billion dollar project. I just love how “reducing traffic congestion” seems to be the main selling point. Is the article really about the bridge work or is it about the renovations in downtown Sainte Anne De Bellevue and further development in that area and Ile Perot? It all seems so much like spin to me.

Bridge + Local Redevelopment + Development = Not reduced traffic congestion. Perhaps politicians should be held accountable for what they say projects will be all about? If this project does not reduce traffic congestion then let them be responsible – even if they are out of office at the time.

Here are some pictures from James Gore.

Autoroute 20 as it begins on the western edge of the Island of Montreal.

2 responses to “Galipeault Bridge To Get Facelift

  1. Sorry we can’t feed into the negativism. The “re-development” of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue has been on and off for the last 10 years. It has nothing to do with the Ministry of Transport’s decision to rebuild the interchange on St-Pierre Boulevard (14$ million) and the Galipeault Bridge (98$ million). I thought those decisions were made because the government doesn’t like its bridges and overpasses falling down on citizens. Hard to spin your way out of that!
    Bill Tierney
    Mayor, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue

  2. Of course not. But one of the startling aspects of all this infrastructure repair/replacement has been the fact that poor maintenance over a period of 40 years has already led to the deaths of 5 people in Laval. Yes, age has something to do with it, but these structures have been passing inspections. The one that fell in Minneapolis last year was on a “to be repaired” list.

    As far as development goes on the West Island and beyond, it s just more urban sprawl, just more car culture creation. Has nothing to do with solving problems, enhancing communities, or prioritizing the best interests of citizens. Nothing wrong with anyone making a buck, but some concepts are way past their prime. Fossil fuel burning vehicles are a negative.

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