dream listener

Very interesting local blog from a woman who writes her dreams on cardboard (in English, French, or Spanish) and leaves them at various spots around the city.

in my dream I agreed with sinéad, I thought, “yeah, me too! yellow would have been nice.”

left at: parking lot beside 4410 Côte des Neiges, corner of Forest Hill.


dream translated: In my dream last night I wanted a coffee. Your place was full of little paper bags. Every bag I opened had tea leaves. Finally I found the coffee beans but by that time…

did not have room on the cardboard to write “ya estaba muy emputada”, which ended the original dream. the full sentence was, “finally I found the coffee beans but by that time I was pissed off.”

left at: 5119 De Maisonneuve (across from the Air Canada building,) Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


dream translated: I dreamt a woman was stuffing stacks of Monopoly money between her pillowcase and her pillow. “Too bad it’s not real,” I offered.

some dreams are easier to hold than others. I was looking forward to standing in front of a bank with this dream—I thought it would make people smile. but when I pushed the door open to get out of the d’iberville metro station the wind was so strong, even before the cardboard was unfolded, the dream was almost ripped out of my hands. I ended up bailing and just leaving the dream inside a bus shelter. I checked the weather forecast to see what the temperature was. it said: feels like -25C, wind 34 km/hW. personally I think the wind was stronger than that.

left at: the bus shelter near 2310 Jean Talon, corner of Louis Hémon.


Turcot Yards is a great place for dreams.

dream listener

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