Learning From Disaster

Seems to be the only way……August has been a busy month so a bit behind with some stuff. This article from The Gazette dated August 4, 2007, gives a lot of information about the fact that inspections of freeway overpasses in Quebec have been mainly visual check listing. But like the bridge collapse in Minneapolis showed us, these structures can even be rated as in danger yet somehow still be given a green light until some future work will be done.

From the article,

“It’s not obligatory for undergraduates to take courses in the deterioration of materials,” said Saeed Mirza, an engineering professor at McGill University.

He said students learn how to design a new structure but they don’t learn how to build it to last or how to detect and repair weaknesses over its service life.”

We need to learn to just do things right in the first place!

Cracks Warn Of Lurking Dangers

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